About Astralux

Astralux System's range of products have been installed and supported by authorised distributors for many years and have become one of the most popular contract solar shading ranges in the UK.

All products are designed for the rigours of use in commercial and public buildings. The Astralux range is regularly augmented and enhanced to provide specifiers and designers with ideal solutions especially as the regulatory framework associated with buildings becomes more onerous.

Astralux products have been installed in; hospitals, offices, schools, colleges and universities, hotels, sports facilities, art galleries, military establishments and places of worship.

Control of Solar Radiation and Glare

With the focus on reducing energy costs, compliance with building regulations, and the requirement for a more natural working environment internal and external solar shading systems can play a key role in helping to control the unwanted effects of the sun.

If considered at the design stage effective solar shading products can reduce or negate the need for artificial cooling systems and even in refurbishment projects can assist with energy reduction, saving cost and emissions.

Glazed atria and rooflight areas can prove a specific problem with increased thermal loads during summer months but Astralux solar control systems can reduce glare, control solar gain but still allow natural light to enter the building.

A technical support and design service to give advice and assistance regarding solar shading requirements is available from your authorised distributor.